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Investigative Paralegal Support Group

Criminal Defence Investigation

If you are under investigation or have been charged you need to work quickly.  Waiting to see what the CPS may do or putting faith in the criminal justice system is a life changing risk. Click the button below to find out why and how our proactive defence investigation services can help you being wrongly prosecuted /convicted. 
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Family Law Matters

We provide personal support and advice based on our practical experience of the family justice system over several years. We are able to take the pressure off you by drafting professional applications, statements and responses and help you obtain non molestation orders (injunctions) for domestic abuse cases. Click the button below to find out more.
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Miscarriages of Justice

Miscarriages of Justice unfortunately happen for a variety of reasons and wrongful convictions are not easy to overturn. The best way to prevent such miscarriages is to come to us for early help with criminal defence investigation. If you have been wrongly convicted let us work for you or your legal team to look for evidence to help you overturn your conviction.
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Complaint against police

Click below for more information on complaints against the police and how we can help acting as your agents to ensure your complaint is treated seriously. 
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We are the only paralegal support service that supports police whistleblowers who report wrongdoing and criminal conduct often resulting in miscarriages of justice. 
If you are being victimised contact us now. 
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Process Serving 

Proper service means proper protection.
 Do it right the first time.  
We can serve your papers anywhere in the UK and EU for a fixed fee so that your clients know exactly what they are paying in advance with no surprises. 
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